Unveiling Kenya's Best Kept App Secrets: 10 Must-Have Apps You Probably Haven't Discovered Yet

These apps are definitely worth checking out and might greatly simplify your life in Kenya.


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Have you ever wondered how many apps created by Kenyans for Kenya are available on the Google Play Store and the App Store?

In our search for the precise number, we came across the Kenya Apps app, which, as of their most recent update on March 26, 2021, lists it as 928. Among them, there are gems that have yet to be discovered.

In this post, we'll discuss a few of the lesser-known apps that Kenyans really must have in order to automate tasks that will undoubtedly make their life easier. Here are the 10 apps you’re yet to discover.


Soko Yetu is an Android App by Twiga Foods. It is a supply chain solution that connects vendors to suppliers, providing access to high quality foods, products and retail services not only in Kenya but across Africa.

Google Play Store: Soko Yetu

This is a must have app for: 

1. Suppliers:

  • Farmers: Connects small-scale farmers to larger markets and It enables them get fair prices for their produce thus increasing their incomes.
  • Manufacturers: Access to thousands of vendors and access to a modern and efficient supply chain solution that offers speed, reliability, lower warehousing and distribution cost of last mile delivery to vendors.

2. Vendors:

  • Kiosks, Fruits & Vegetable stands and Kibandas: Gain access to fast and free delivery of produce, access to credit with convenient payment plans. These offerings are designed to improves margins hence higher profits.

Visit website: Twiga Foods

Android: Visit the Google Play Store and Download the App.

iPhone and Others: Visit Twiga Shop

2. iCOW

Back in 2010, iCow began as a cow gestation calendar that aided farmers in keeping tabs on their pregnant cows. Fast forward to 2023 and the app now covers all aspects of farming, including cattle, crops, soils, insects, climate change, farmers' health, trees, and more.

Google Play Store: iCow

iCow is a resource hub where farmers use their mobile devices to obtain market information, veterinary services, and agricultural expertise and recommendations.

If you want to start a farming business, this would be a great research resource.

This is a must have app for beginners, small-scale farmers, and even commercial farmers.

Visit website: icow.co.ke

Android: Visit the Google Play Store and Download the App.


MPOST app makes your phone number your postal address eliminating the need for a physical (conventional) postal address. Each person can now hold a postal address and enjoy enhanced postal services thanks to their exclusive partnership with The Postal Corporation Of Kenya, Uber and Safaricom.

Google Play Store: MPOST

This is a must have app for online shoppers and merchants. Commercial organizations can make use of this technology to guarantee that official paperwork and security documents get to the rightful person.

Visit website:mpost.co.ke

Android: Visit the Google Play Store and Download the App.


If you're a lover of Swahili dishes, we have great news for you. You can now bring the authentic taste of Swahili cuisine right to your kitchen with Mapishi app. This app is easy-to-follow and will have you cooking up a Swahili dishes in no time.

Google Play Store: Mapishi

With Mapishi app, you can enjoy the rich and diverse flavors from aromatic biryanis to spicy pilau. This app will teach you how to cook like a pro.

This is a must have app for home cooking, restaurateurs and caterers.

Android: Visit the Google Play Store and Download the App.


Zeraki Learning is a revolutionary digital learning platform designed to empower high school students by providing them with access to video lessons, quizzes, and progress tracking, all in one place.

Google Play Store: Zeraki Learning

This app offers interactive learning experience that is sure to keep students engaged and motivated.

Students will have access to over 15 KICD-approved subjects and some of Kenya's top teachers.

This is a must have app for high school students, parents and schools.

Visit website: learning.zeraki

Android: Visit the Google Play Store and Download the App.


KenyanCupid is a premium dating app that connects Kenyan singles looking for love, dating, and serious relationships. This dating platform that makes it easy to find eligible singles both locally and internationally.

Google Play Store: Kenyan Cupid: Kenyan Dating

The mobile app is user-friendly and all you have to do is create an account and the app will help you discover and get discovered by singles who are ready to find love with you.

Visit website: kenyancupid.com

Android: Visit the Google Play Store and Download the App


Livia Health is taking health care to the next level with our state-of-the-art technology that lets you order medicines, supplements, OTC, personal and hygiene products through the app. With Livia you can order everything you need from a trusted pharmacy near you, at the BEST price.

Google Play Store: Livia Health

That's not all, within the app, you can consult a doctor online, get an e-prescription and order for your medication delivered to where you are.

With Livia, you can rest assured that your medical cover will be put to good use.

Visit website: Livia Health

Android: Visit the Google Play Store and Download the App

App Store: Visit the Apple App Store and Download the App


Google Play Store: NGO Jobs In Kenya

Find the newest job postings from a variety of United Nations and Non-Governmental Organizations across the globe. And the best part is it's free. So if you're ready to take the first step towards a fulfilling career in the NGO sector, start exploring the latest UN recruitment and NGO vacancies in Kenya using this app.

Android: Visit the Google Play Store and Download the App


Wakili Fees is an easy-to-use tool that calculates the minimum legal fees that advocates can charge for their services, based on the latest updates from the 'Advocates (Remuneration) (Amendment) Order, 2014' and other relevant legal notices.

Google Play Store: Wakili Fees

Wakili Fees is a fantastic place to start if you need legal counsel as a business owner or as a person so that you may determine how much you will probably pay.

Android: Visit the Google Play Store and Download the App

10. WAKILI 101

WAKILI 101 makes it easy for anyone in Kenya to access legal help they need. While not a traditional law firm, WAKILI 101 has teamed up with some of Kenya's top legal professionals to provide accessible and affordable legal advice to everyday citizens.

Google Play Store: Wakili 101

WAKILI 101 has the ability to electronically recreate and regenerate legal documents, it is essentially a guide through the legal processes.

Android: Visit the Google Play Store and Download the App

In conclusion, these apps created by Kenyans are proof of the nation's thriving tech scene and creative spirit. These apps are revolutionizing how Kenyans live, work, and access basic services, from mobile money transfer services to logistics platforms and health insurance solutions.

These apps are definitely worth checking out and might greatly simplify your life your life in Kenya.

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