All Is Not Well for Kenya's Hype DJ Faxto

Fast forward to today, the empire of DJ Faxto seems to be collapsing like the proverbial house of cards. Corporates like Lesedi Developers Limited have distanced themselves from the DJ and terminated the brand ambassadorial contracts he had sighed.


Image Credits: Big Kaka

For the better part of last week, Lawrence Njuguna aka DJ Faxto has been on the receiving end of his now irate fans over a controversial death of a 23-year-old interior designer that occurred in his apartment. The young man going by the name Geoffrey Mwathi is alleged to have committed suicide at Redwood Apartments where Faxto resides.

According to a CCTV footage analysis on the incident, the young man died in the wee hours of the morning on February 23rd and he has already been buried. It was a few days after the burial when Geoffrey's mother's social outcry caught the attention of the public via social media. According to her, the manner in which the son's death investigation was conducted by Kenya police detectives was very unsatisfactory. She pointed an accusatory finger at DJ Faxto and blamed him for influencing his son the wrong way.

A hashtag #justiceforjeff that is circulating around social media sites has been trending for the better part of the week as trolls and trolls keep on sprouting from all the corners of the republic. The matter has attracted the attention of top politicians like Prof. Kithure Kindiki and Kiambu's women representative, Mrs. Ann Wamuratha.

Prof. Kithure Kindiki has instructed the DCI etectives to take up the matter and leave no stone unturned. This move has been lauded by Kenyans because the detectives from this unit are known for doing thorough criminal investigations.

However, although the CCTV footage has placed DJ Faxto in the middle of the controversy, his involvement in the matter is yet to be established. But being a public figure, he has already been tried and sentenced by the popular court of social media. The backlash and calls for boycott for the flashy DJ has already caught a fatal momentum. 

Screenshots of fans unsubscribing from his social handles have been doing rounds on social media over the weekend. He is equally being trolled by fans and the debate in the online community has taken another turn that is even questioning the DJ's sexual orientation.

DJ Faxto came into the limelight when he released his hit song "Ndi mang'a". The song was well-received by his fans and it catapulted him into the instant limelight he enjoys today. Corporate gigs and endorsements followed later.

Fast forward to today, the empire of DJ Faxto seems to be collapsing like the proverbial house of cards with corporates like Lesedi Developers Limited distancing themselves from the DJ and terminating his brand ambassadorial contracts he had sighed with them. It is further rumored that five more have quietly terminated their contracts with the DJ. A video of the DJ being chased out by irate revelers at club Quivers is also doing rounds on social media.  Efforts by the DJ to address the journalists in a press conference have only angered his fans more because many have interpreted his optimism of being pardoned has been interpreted as open arrogance.

Notably, while the DJ's career seems to be plummeting, the second investigation into the incident is still open and ongoing.

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