China Square Reopened And Sold Out The Same Day

Despite the Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria's position that the retailer is selling substandard goods, Kenyans bought everything.


Photo courtesy of WhatsApp Groups

The China Square retail store reopened on Monday, March 6, after 8 days of closure. Local traders including hawkers accused the store of unfair competition and on February 26, 2023 the store temporarily closed its doors to review its overall business operations.

China Square was given permission to reopen following multiple discussions between the Kenyan government and the Chinese community.

The China Square business model had completely caught every player in the trade industry off guard to the delight of its proprietors and the Kenyan shoppers. Local traders in the Gikomba, Nyamakima, Kamukunji, and Eastleigh Markets, who often sold the same goods at exorbitantly high prices, felt the impact of the store's first month of business, when it traded goods worth over Kshs 10 Million.

Prior to this interference, few people outside of the Kenyatta University ecosystem were aware of China Square. But now, thanks to the widely covered threats from Moses Kuria, the Trade Cabinet Secretary, everyone in the republic is aware of their presence. 

To add on, local traders and hawkers took to the streets and protested the cheap prices and unintentionally promoted China Square's just pricing. Kenyans took note.

Shoppers ignored the street protests and were not bothered by the government's assertion that the products are substandard and possible counterfeit. As soon as China Square doors reopened, Kenyans from all walks of life flocked in and bought almost everything, leaving some shelves empty.

Shoppers at the China Square Store at Uni-City Mall, Kenyatta University on Monday 6th when it reopened. Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Kenyan consumers have sent a clear message to both the government and business-people that they are intelligent consumers who demand high-quality goods at reasonable prices in secure environments. 

The bar has been raised.

* * *

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