C.I.T.A.M. Church Kenya on Crossfire with the KOT Community

According to the clergyman, the paedophiles and those that incest belong to the same category with gay people. He has gone deeper and quoted a number of biblical verses to back up his stand against the gay community in Kenya.


Christ is the Answer Ministry (CITAM) has also joined other concerned religious stakeholders and stated its stand on the recent 24th of February's Supreme court ruling that upheld the gay community's right to association.

In an illegible statement that has been signed by the presiding bishop, Mr. Calisto Odede, and posted on the church's official Twitter handle, the church has condemned the ruling.

Thanks to another Twitter user by the handle, @___Achieng, the document has been reposted and it has been enhanced for readability.

However, the tweet has not been received well by the majority. Some have read hypocrisy in it and others have hinted at the clergyman to love his neighbors whatsoever.

According to the clergyman, pedophiles and those that incest belongs to the same category as gay people. He has gone deeper and quoted a number of biblical verses to back up his stand against the gay community in Kenya. He has even covertly condemned the decision the controversial stand by some of the Church of England’s bishops to back same-sex marriages.

On the other hand,  CITAM leadership in Kenya has been hitting the wrong headlines, thanks to them being rocked by a number of controversies that keep leaking to the public domain. These include:

  1. Financial Mismanagement: There have been allegations of financial mismanagement and corruption within CITAM. Some members of the church have accused the leadership of misusing funds meant for church projects and personal gain.
  2. Leadership disputes: There have been leadership disputes within the church, with some members accusing the current leadership of being authoritarian and not allowing for democratic decision-making.
  3. Doctrinal differences: There have been reports of doctrinal differences between the leadership of CITAM and some members of the church. Some members have accused the leadership of promoting the prosperity gospel and not focusing enough on spiritual growth.
  4. Sexual misconduct allegations: There have been allegations of sexual misconduct involving some pastors within CITAM. In 2020, a female member of the church accused a pastor of sexually harassing her, leading to his suspension from the church.

However, It is worth noting they have denied most of these allegations, and the controversies have not been proven in a court of law.

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