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Nature & Wild

Strange Friends With Benefits: Nature's Weird Buddies

There are many strange symbiotic relationships in the world that are worth exploring. From the tiny creatures that live in the mouths of crocodiles to the fungi that live inside the brains of ants.


All Is Not Well for Kenya's Hype DJ Faxto

Fast forward to today, the empire of DJ Faxto seems to be collapsing like the proverbial house of cards. Corporates like Lesedi Developers Limited have distanced themselves from the DJ and terminated the brand ambassadorial contracts he had sighed.


That was Awkward! What Happened to Awkward Puppets?

Despite the decline in content, Awkward Puppets still has a loyal fanbase. Many of its videos continue to receive views and comments from fans who appreciate the channel's unique brand of humor.


It Is Hell Living Under The Same Roof With A Thieving Spouse

If social media accounts and confessions are anything to go by, people have been suffering silently for being conned and robbed by their beloved spouses. The worst thing is that there is nothing much you can do because of the strings attached.


Today is International Women's Day

My bet is that if there will be one Kenyan radio station that will not disappoint today, it will certainly be KBC English Service. I cannot afford to miss sundowner request edition that will be streered by the legendary broadcaster, Caroline Ndonye.


C.I.T.A.M. Church Kenya on Crossfire with the KOT Community

According to the clergyman, the paedophiles and those that incest belong to the same category with gay people. He has gone deeper and quoted a number of biblical verses to back up his stand against the gay community in Kenya.


Hidden Gem at Embu for Hikers

The gem is hidden right past the bridge. There are a few gabion stairs towards the river. The river has a makeshift wooden bridge that is elevated into an imitation of an engineering marvel. It is an ideal spot for picnic and photo shoot lovers

Corporate Life

Is Nation Media House Becoming a House of Pain?

Well, whether the rumor mill was true or not, what happened to the independence of media houses and their duty to protect their journalists in a bid to give them a free and fair environment to air their views?


How to Survive High Food Prices Season

Despite the doom ahead, the good news is that you can creatively survive on a boot string budget and even donate something to a needy neighbor.